Miha Bodytec® is a muscle electrostimulation machine that can be used for athletic, therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.

The basic technology used is the EMS (ÉlectroMyoStimulation), implemented in a radically different way to everything we have known so far.
The training is envisaged in a standing and dynamic position with complex movements. The electrostimulation of the muscles is done in depth.

Working with both lambda practitioners and elderly people with reduced mobility, or even with high-level athletes (Usain Bolt, Christine Arron or Michel Bastos for rehabilitation), it is clear that efficiency is at the rendezvous.

Miha Bodytec
® : https://www.miha-bodytec.com/en/products/

  •  Miha Bodytec® represents the most recent evolution of the principle of muscle electrostimulation already used for decades by medicine and high-performance athletes.
  • Up to 10 pairs of connected electrodes for dynamic exercises and even cardio work.
  •  Amplification of voluntary contraction with external stimulation.
  • All the agonist muscles, antagonists in addition to the traditionally difficult to reach parts, work at the same time, the intensity remaining individually adjustable for each muscle group.
  • A multitude of scientific studies prove the great effectiveness of this method.
  •  All the muscles of the body are simultaneously stimulated to almost 100% (about 50% with traditional exercises).

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